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Dimensional Control

Dimensional Control is defined by the The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors as "those surveying operations that are pertinent to the control of position, size, shape and movement of the built environment."

You may be more familiar with the terms 'Accuracy Control', 'Space management', or 'Engineering surveying', depending upon the industry you work within.

However, the process is the same: The utilisation of 3D co-ordinates within dimensional control to verify structures against a 3D Design CAD model. It provides a clear and precise overview of the "Big Picture", as surfaces can be inspected and reported on through the use of colour maps and labels stating the deviation from design.

Where there is a precise point-to-point correlation that can be identified, both on the structure and the Design CAD model, we can precisely report the vector errors. Data is captured by Total Station, Laser Scanner and Photogrammetry, depending upon the precision and nature of the analysis to be undertaken.


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