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Geo-Spatial Survey Solutions Ltd

Geo-Spatial Survey Solutions Ltd is a market-leading survey company offering an accurate measuring service using sophisticated electronic measuring equipment to companies and organisations that require precise dimensional data of 3D objects and environments.

We are experts and specialists in the field of Dimensional Control and imaging 3D space, including:

• Dimensional Control
• Laser Scanning
• Metrology and Inspection
• Reference Frame Surveys
• 3D CAD Modelling
• 2D CAD Drafting
• Mantis Vision F5

Our services are usually carried out at our clients’ own premises, or designated locations depending on the nature of the work, such as shipbuilding or archeological artefacts.

We utilise a number of state-of-the-art electronic devices for accurately measuring the built environment depending on the size, detail required, the accuracy needed, and the final output. This includes the latest Mantis Vision handheld equipment which allows us to access and map small and confined environments.


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Microns to Metres

Our mantra is “From microns to metres” as we specialise in being able to cover a large range of structural and mechanical environments.

Established in 2000, we have built up a reputation for providing a high quality professional service, and for providing reliable, accurate data, and for being experts in our field.

We have a broad Client List across many industry sectors including Ministry of Defence, military, heavy engineering, offshore oil, petro-chemical, aviation, ship building, English Heritage, architects, universities, and museums. For more detailed information about the work we have completed for our clients, please see the Case Studies page.


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