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Mantis Vision handheld 3D imager camerag

Mantis Vision Handheld Imagers & Cameras

Geo Spatial is the official UK Distributor for a superior range of handheld 3D imagers and cameras designed and developed by Mantis Vision.

Developed for professionals and hobbyists alike, the Mantis Vision imagers are fast imaging acquisition systems tailored to the demanding requirements of field environments, which allows capturing and processing of car-sized objects or scenes in minutes, thereby minimising time spent in the field.


Mantis Vision F5-B Handheld Camera

Mantis Vision F5-B Handheld Imager

Suitable for a wide variety of uses and applications, the F5-B Handheld Camera is a small and light high-end scanner with detailed accuracy and image capture.

Boasting a 'motion in motion' capability, it is able to capture accurate data while the imager itself is moving.

Taking 3D scanning versatility to a whole new level, the F5-B is ideal for use in many industry sectors including maritime, defence and military, forensic science, law enforcement, oil and gas, research, education, architecture, construction, engineering.

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Mantis Vision PocketScan 3D

mantis Vision Pocket Scan 3D handheld cameraMantis Vision Pocket Scan 3D camera

By offering superior data quality for professionals, coupled with ease-of-use and affordability, the PocketScan 3D is the ultimate handheld 3D modelling camera currently available on the market.

Its small, functional, ergonomic design is a perfect on-the-go solution for both professional and non-professional users, as well as designers, developers, creators and hobbyists. PocketScan 3d is ideal for professionals across a variety of industry sectors including automotive, industrial, academic, orthotics, prosthetics, building, restoration.

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Mantis Vision's Production (MVP) Software

Mantis Vision 3D Imaging Camera

The Mantis Vision imagers and camera are accompanied by Mantis Vision's Production (MVP) software, offering high quality tools for file management, data processing, visualisation and measurements.

Downloaded data from the imagers is processed automatically into 3D videos where each frame contains up to 50,000 measurable points. The point clouds are then stitched (aligned) together through a user-supervised automatic process, yielding a highly dense 3D point cloud of the scene.

Scenes captured over multiple videos can be easily combined into an integrated point cloud using MVP's compositing tool. Point clouds are then analysed using MVP's measurement tools where distances, angles, and diameters can easily be determined for points, planes, cross-sections, and cylinders.

Point clouds may be triangulated, surfaced, and exported as models or point clouds for further processing in third party CAD/CAE applications.

As a UK Distributor for Mantis Vision, we sell the imagers and cameras, allowing you to own this state-of-the-art technology for your own business use.


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Mantis Vision F5-B handheld imager brochure

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